Getting Started

With ActiveWeb, you can manage and locate records stored in your file room or track and order files stored in our record center. 

To login you need to have your account manager submit a User Authorization form

After you have the User Authorization form completed, watch the video to the right for logon instructions. The ActiveWeb Quick Start Guide and how-to videos below will quickly get you using ActiveWeb.

ActiveWeb How To Videos

How to send boxes to offsite storage

Boxes being sent over to storage need to be inputted online or have a Box Transfer Form filled out for each box. If you require the records center to perform any work on the box, like inventorying or indexing files, you need to fill out a Box Transfer Form even if the box is added to inventory online.

Every box that is added to your inventory must have a bar code label that is supplied by IPS. Take a look at the Barcode Placement form and video for proper placement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to get with your account manager. If you are not sure who that is email

On the login screen click on the "Reset Password" link, then check your email for a reset link. If you have trouble call support at 575-622-1515.

To log in you need to know:

  1. Your customer key
  2. Your username
  3. Your password

Most log in problems we see are from auto filled fields. Type each piece of information into the field. 

If that does not work, take note of what error message shows up on your screen and email that to

Files being sent over to be added to a box that is already in storage can be added online. A File Add-In To Preexisting Box form needs to be filled out and sent with the file(s) to give the records center the direction on what to do with the file.


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